Cabin And Lodge Area Rug – What To Look For?

Cabin and lodge spaces are some of the best spots to hang out and relax since they are surrounded by nature and calm. Hence, when looking for décor pieces for those places, it is best to go for something that reflects that aesthetic and makes the space look more put together. An area rug can be a great option, as it instantly gives a more warm and homey feel. Not just that, investing in only one is enough because it acts as a statement piece, and you won’t need to look for other things to decorate the space further.

But, as good as these are, it is essential to have some basic knowledge about them. It will help you be more specific with your choices, and making a decision would be much easier. This guide contains all the necessary things to look for in a cabin and lodge area rug, so you know what exactly will work for your space.

Consider Going For Natural Materials

When picking up a rug for your cabin space, rather than going for common synthetic materials, it would be best to get one made from natural fabrics like jute or cotton. Since lodges and cabins are usually constructed where there is more greenery and wildlife, these would be more appropriate. They automatically give the effect of being in nature and add a nice texture without being rough or scratchy on the skin.

They are also perfect if you wish to add a contemporary touch to the space. The natural jute color and the softness of wool and cotton give the ideal homey feel, which goes very well with these places. Even though they will not be as cheap as synthetic rugs, they suit the area more and are sustainable and better for the environment.

Not just that, but they are also quite durable and don’t get frayed that easily. They can be found in various colorways and designs, so you can pick something you like or even get one custom-made. So, whether the place is for personal use or guests, rugs made from natural materials would work exceptionally well and last a reasonable amount of time. They won’t lose their original shape from all the walking and will look good for years. They are also much safer for kids as they don’t contain harmful chemicals and dyes.

Vintage Look

One of the best looks for a lodge rug is vintage or modern contemporary. It goes well with most things, and the colors are pleasing. But they complement the natural theme the best because vintage rugs usually take a lot of inspiration from nature. For instance, floral and animal prints are easily visible on most of these rugs. Their slightly worn-out feel also fits the aesthetic perfectly and makes the space more comforting and cozy.

However, vintage rugs can be expensive because they have been preserved and taken care of for a long time. They also hold some historical significance which further increases their value. Usually, the older it is, the pricier it will be. But these days, rugs with a vintage faded look are not much difficult to find. They are deliberately made to appear somewhat worn and seem years old. Hence, you get the same look without spending too much money.

Warm Color Palette

When searching for a rug for a lodge or cabin area, one can notice that darker colors like browns and reds are used a lot. It is because they look pretty appealing and fit the natural look the best. They bring a lot of warmth and have that relaxing feeling. Another reason is that these rugs use a lot of traditional designs where such colors can be heavily seen. Hence, these go very well with woodsy décor.

Also, since cabin areas are surrounded by nature, they tend to be quite chilly. Using warm colored décor can significantly help in making the place cozier. Using bright colors like magenta or lavender would not necessarily go with the overall theme and will clash with the space. But orange and maroon can be good options if you do want to go for vibrant colors.

Traditional Prints

As stated earlier, traditional designs and prints are commonly used in these rugs. They not only look good but also have a cultural aspect to them. They are also heavily influenced by the outside environment, and different elements of plants and wildlife can be seen, for example, bears, lakes, trees, etc. The use of various colors and unique patterns gives it that traditional element that goes exceptionally well with the wooden aesthetic of most cabins and lodges.

So, whether your place is more modern or rustic, a rug with classic traditional prints will complement it very well. It will add all the different elements to the space without being excessive, so you won’t have to purchase additional items to fill it up. A Persian rug can be a great option as it has the ideal components of a good cabin area rug. But you can also go for standard cabin rugs as the designs are made keeping in mind the exact space.

Soft Material And Short Pile Length

Being in lodges or cabin spaces is all about comfort and unwinding. People come here to get away from their daily lives and relax. It is also a great spot for friends to hang out and have fun. That’s why it would be best to invest in a rug that has a soft and gentle pile. It will look very snuggly, and extra warmth will also be added. Also, not only would it feel very comfortable walking over it, but you can also lie down and relax. Throwing in a pillow or two will make it even cozier.

But soft doesn’t necessarily imply a long pile length. Even though such rugs feel incredibly comfortable and look luxurious, they do not last that long and can lose their shape quickly. Typically, more flat rugs are preferred for such areas as they fit the aesthetic better and look more rustic. The colors come off quite vibrant, and the print also looks better.

Hence, the best choice would be to pick a soft material that does not have too high of a pile. For instance, Jute or wool rugs can be considered. They are gentle yet incredibly durable. Not just that, but these are also pretty easy to manage. You won’t have to clean them too often and can focus on thoroughly enjoying your stay.


To sum up, some of the best choices for your lodge and cabin spaces would be to go for vintage natural rugs. They complement such areas perfectly and look very inviting. Southwestern rugs are also widely popular. The essential thing to remember is that you must thoroughly study your options before purchasing and pick one that fits your liking the best but is also practical.

Also, these rugs are not restricted to just cabins or lodges but also complement modern residential homes. The designs are unique yet not too extra, and the warm colors suit most themes. So, if you like the look of these rugs, you can get these for regular use as well.

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