Gothic Rugs – Everything You Need To Know

Beginning to decorate your house? Want to start with something small, like a rug for your coffee table? Let’s look at the type of rugs you can purchase for your home and discover some great tips.

Gothic rugs are certainly not for everyone. To get a good idea of choosing the right rug for you, start by looking at different types of rugs and the popular styles today. Look at simple, unfussy rugs in easy shapes and colors.

These are usually small rugs or mats available in different sizes. You can choose from small classic oval area rugs to larger solid or patterned ones. You will also see flat-piece rugs as well as oriental-style area rugs.

The Gothic rugs (carpets) are made of pure silk, wool, and cotton. They can be woven to give a flat or patterned effect. There are different colors, motifs, and shapes that you can choose from, including Herati, Turkmen, Kashan, Tabriz, medallion, and floor block designs, among others.ts, thus creating what we know today as “Turkmen.” Turkmen carpets are mainly based on floral patterns.

History of Gothic Rugs:

The history of Gothic rugs goes back to 16 the century. In Italy, a different kind of rug was made in the same century: the Neapolitan style. These rugs had a fascinating and powerful resemblance with a particular artwork called “Gothic.”With this inspiration, Italian shoemakers started creating some beautiful and intricate rugs. This new style of carpet wasn’t a common type of rug then and attracted the eye of people worldwide. The fascinating patterns and ornamental elements were fascinating, elegant, and powerful.

The popularity of gothic rugs went beyond Europe and spread worldwide.

In France, where people used to call the Neapolitan type of rug “gothique,” this new style of rug was known as Gothic rugs. The French term made it international, and soon everybody started to call them by this name “gothic.”

The art of making this type of rug was called “tapisserie.” This theme is still popular today. Many contemporary artists are fascinated by gothic themes and try to reproduce them in their works.

Rooms that were used to display these rugs usually had a unique name. Rooms, where the rugs were placed were called “salons,” and those who used to decorate them were called “tapissiers.”

The original was made of red, green, and gold geometric shapes. In the 19th century, the Egyptians introduced new designs to this pattern, including more floral elements and blue and red.

Things to consider while opting for Gothic Rugs:

Given below are some of the things to consider while you go out to choose the perfect rug match:

  • The rug size – Consider the space you will use before buying a rug. Larger rugs are suitable for larger rooms.
  • The thickness of the rug – For bigger spaces, it is always better to have a thick rug. Thicker rugs are more comfortable than thinner ones, primarily if used in high-traffic areas such as a living room. Also, they look more elegant and fit well with different styles of furniture and decoration, from lamps to wall designs or color schemes.
  • Color – When choosing a gothic carpet, you must look at its color choices.
  • The color schemes – The best gothic rugs are those with various colors and bold designs.
  • Pattern – Rugs with more than one pattern on them look much more stylish and stylish. The combination of several motifs gives you a lot of different looks.
  • Size – The size is always determined by the space you have to place it in. To know if your rug is a good fit, measure the entire room before buying it. If any other items are placed in the same area, select an alternative size to get a better look at what each piece will look ideal with in terms of size and pattern.
  • Warranty – Look into the warranty provided by the seller to ensure that it does fit your needs.

Also, when measuring the room, consider how much furniture you have in it. Altogether remove all furniture from the room or at least keep them in one corner and measure from there.

Tips for choosing a correct Gothic Rug:

Choosing the perfect rug for your aesthetic might be a handsome task. To make your experience a bit easier, here are some tips for choosing the right rug. First, there are several different types of rugs available in different colors. Your rug selection will depend on what color scheme you are looking for and what patterns look good with your home décor.

Consider your furniture and wall colors and look for a rug that blends in well; this will help compliment your space and make choosing a gothic rug much easier.

Gothic rugs should complement your room decor; You can get a rug with the same pattern or design on it, or you can get a completely different one. Whatever you choose, it is always better to keep the patterns in harmony.

If you choose a gothic area rug, look at how many colors and themes are placed together in the same piece. You should also look at the combination of colors and motifs. If you have a lot of furniture with fancy details and patterns, a smaller-sized area rug will help you avoid cluttering your living space.

Look at the rug’s material: natural materials are usually better than synthetic ones because they last longer and are very easy to clean. Natural fibers such as wool, linen, jute, or cotton make for natural-looking gothic rugs. Wools make your room look elegant, making them perfect for high-traffic areas.

The best rug style is one that has at least one dominant glyph, pattern, or color. Make a second check to choose the right size. Depending on their size and shape, Gothic rugs can give your room a whole new look. Get a small area carpet for your bathroom or kitchen (roughly 2x3ft) and a bigger one for hallways and living rooms (roughly 4x6ft).

Recognized Gothic Rug designs:

Gothic rugs come in different sizes and shapes. Depending on the size, shape, color, and design you want to embed into it, you can also choose between small and large sizes.

If you want an idea of what your rug will look like after it has been woven, consider getting a sample rug. You can even request a sample on some websites that offer them. Also, large carpet stores have samples of their carpets in different colors and styles that you can view and make up your mind about buying a new one.

  • Turkic rugs
  • Uralic rugs
  • Viscose carpets (a fake Persian rug)
  • Worldly rugs


Gothic rugs (or carpets) are made of pure silk and wool. They come in different colors, sizes, and styles. Smaller rugs are suitable for bathrooms or kitchens, while larger ones can be used in living rooms or entrances. Check the warranty of your rug, especially if you buy it online. We hope this article helped you to choose a gothic area rug or carpet that matches your home décor. You can always ask for help from your family and friends to help you make the right decision.

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