Nylon vs. Polyester Carpet: Things you need to know

You are stuck on which carpet to choose: nylon or polyester?

You want nylon due to its durability and resiliency but can not compromise on softness.

If you go for polyester, as it is budget-friendly, it will not bear heavy traffic and show signs of replacement in five-seven years.

This confusion is something that has made you land on this post. Both carpets have their own pros and cons. In order to choose the ideal one, you need to assess your requirements and the features of each carpet carefully.

You may set the priorities of your needs. See what factor is the most important factor you cannot compromise at any cost, and then accordingly rate both the carpets. The one which fulfills your requirements will be the ideal one to go for.

Also, you can check out the detailed comparison and the points where these both show the same behavior to make your buying decision wisely.

Exploring Nylon Carpet

Nylon is the most popular and common carpet fiber in the market today. It was the first synthetic carpet fiber invented by DuPont in the 1930s as an alternative to silk. There are generally two types of nylon carpet: Type 6 and Type 6,6. While both are effective in all terms, these differ in their molecular structure.

There are double strands of carbon atoms in nylon 6,6, which is why it is preferred over nylon 6. However, type 6 is getting improved over recent years, minimizing almost all the differences between the two. Nylon is best suited for areas with heavy footfall due to its durability and resistance to wear-tear and abrasion.

Exploring Polyester Carpet

Polyester is an environment-friendly synthetic fiber made by recycling plastic bottles, which environment-conscious people mostly prefer. Also, it is cost-effective, and anyone can easily consider it a good-to-go option.

Earlier, it faced certain drawbacks in terms of resiliency and poor quality, but it has undergone many improvements over the years with the advancement of technology, making it as competitive as nylon.

Nylon vs. Polyester Carpet: Differences Examined

After knowing that nylon and polyester carpets are the most considered options in the synthetic carpets category, it becomes quite challenging to select between the two. In such cases, one must acquaint themself with the differences between the two options, making it easier to make the buying decision. The points below outline the detailed comparison.

Durability – Out of the two, nylon is considered the most durable carpet owing to its resiliency factor. Being resilient means being able to bounce back and return to its original shape after being compressed. The absence of such resiliency in polyester carpets makes them less durable than nylon.

This is the reason that nylon is preferred for high-traffic areas, as polyester may start showing signs of abrasion. But, the scenario can be the opposite due to the availability of a wide variety of qualities, as high-quality polyester may outweigh low-quality nylon in terms of durability.

Cost – Both the carpets vary immensely in terms of cost. Polyester is environment-friendly and budget-friendly, whereas nylon is double the price due to its strong durability feature that lasts for years.

Eco-friendliness – Both nylon and polyester carpets are eco-friendly. Polyester is made from recycled plastic bottles making it an environment-friendly and cost-effective product. Recent improvements in nylon have made it recyclable by the end of its useful life.

Softness – Both the carpets are soft, but polyester is more comfortable in terms of softness and cushy in comparison to nylon. Due to the high durability factor, nylon is not so smooth. If you’re looking for bedrooms, then polyester is the good option, but if you’re looking for areas with heavy traffic like lobby, staircase, etc., then nylon is a better option.

Stain Resistance – Generally, polyester carpets are more stain-resistant than nylon carpets due to the fact that polyester is hydrophobic in nature and resists liquid spill on its own, preventing the carpet from getting stained, whereas nylon carpet soaks the liquid.

However, nowadays, these carpets have some stain protection. It also depends on the manufacturing process, as solution-dyed nylon can be efficient, stain-resistant, and fade-resistant.

Static Electricity – Synthetic fibers are more prone to building static energy. This is more strong in nylon as compared to polyester. Nylon carpets tend to build up static energy more rapidly than polyester. Though nowadays, these carpets come with antistatic agents. Also, you can reduce this formation of static energy by maintaining the moisture level in the atmosphere.

Nylon vs. Polyester Carpet: Notable Similarities

Besides the number of differences, there are some similarities too worth noting, as that might create a bewildering situation. Some of the common features are as follows –

Both types of carpets are abrasion resistant. They do not shrink or crisp easily.

Nylon and polyester are both flammable. They melt and burns rapidly.

Both carpets are comfy, soft, and lightweight.

Nylon and polyester are manufactured fibers that repel allergens, making them hypoallergenic.

Both are easy to clean and thus resist the growth of mold.

Nylon or Polyester?

Both carpet types are great choices but choosing one between the two totally depends on your priorities. First and foremost comes the area that needs to be carpeted; if it is an area with heavy footfall, then you must go for nylon than polyester.

After that, the second factor to look for is the budget. Polyester is more easily affordable than nylon, but the price for nylon is worth it as it is highly durable. It has high resilience power that protects it from wear and tear.

If in case, you want to choose more of an environment-friendly option, going for polyester carpet will be the ideal choice. It provides a softer and more comfortable feel underfoot as compared to nylon.

Apart from such differentiation factors, both carpets are easy to clean but require regular vacuuming. So whichever option you select, make sure that it suits your requirements, as no matter what, in the end, all that is needed is convenience.

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