Rug Size For King Bed and Queen Bed

Besides selecting the material, pattern, and color, the size of the rug is an inevitable factor. It is, at times challenging to get the right one that fits your room perfectly in terms of accommodating furniture and having enough space between walls and rug.

Since the king bed or queen bed is already big in size, it is difficult to choose the right one. The larger one can make the room crowded and congested, while the smaller one may not fit in the bed frame properly. The rug not only needs to be as per the bed size but also has to be proportionate to the room size.

Find below the different sizes of rug that goes well with a king bed or the queen bed, along with some crucial points one must look for while selecting the ideal size.

Choosing The Rug Size: Important Points To Note

The first and foremost step to finding the appropriate rug size is, Measure your room dimensions. This will give you an idea of the area you want to cover and the area that needs to be left. You should keep 10 to 20 inches of distance between the walls and the sides of the rug.

Also, the rug should not be long enough that when you open the door, it gets struck beneath the door, eventually leading to the tufting of the rug fibers.

It is clear from the name itself that the bed size is large, so it becomes essential to look for everything you want to consider covering the area rug. The main things on the rug are the bed frame, nightstands, and bench.

Follow the thumb rule, which says that the rug should expand 18 to 24 inches past the edges of the bed. The king bed is 76 inches wide and 80 inches long. So, considering the rule, you need at least a 10ft wide and 8ft long rug.

Similarly, the width of the Queen bed is 60 inches and the length is 80 inches. So, you’ll need an 8-9ft wide and 8-9ft long rug. Check below the various standard options of the rug sizes available in the market.

Available Rug Size Options For King-Size Bed

Apart from the other crucial factors to consider while selecting the right size, One must have a look at the size chart for the various options that can fit into the room.

  • 8ft X 10 ft – This size is ideal for small to medium size rooms. It can cover the full bed frame and some portion of the nightstands. Another option is to lower the rug to two-thirds of the bed (front edge of the nightstand). Doing so will give the rug more visibility, and you can also keep a bench at the foot of the bed.
  • 9ft X 12ft – This size is fit for a large room. It can accommodate a full bed frame, nightstands, and even the bench at the bottom edge of the bed. One thing to remember while going for this size is that the room should also be spacious enough to allow the rug to fit comfortably, protecting it from the swaying door.
  • 12ft X 15ft – This size goes well with a California-king-size bed. It can accommodate a bed frame, nightstands, and bench. However, the room should also be large enough for a rug.

From the above points, it is clear that one must check the room size first in order to correctly get the right rug for the specific king bed frame.

Available Rug Size Options For Queen-Size Bed

Given below is the list of different rug sizes for the Queen-size bed.

  • 5ft X 8ft – This size is perfect for small rooms. You can place the rug covering two-thirds of the bed. Nightstands can not be covered in this size range; however, you can cover a small portion of them. This rug is even cost-effective.
  • 6ft X 9ft – This one is slightly larger. Nightstands can or can not be placed onto it, depending upon the placement of the rug. It better covers the sides of the bed. Also, if you cover two-thirds of the bed, the rug will have little exposure towards the foot of the bed.
  • 8ft X 10ft – This is the perfect choice for the queen bed. It is spacious enough to cover the nightstands fully and still be exposed to the sides of the bed. It can also cover the bench at the bed’s bottom edge. The only thing to remember and consider here is that the size of the room too should be large enough to fit all the things comfortably.

You can also select the round rug for the Queen bed. Try placing it in the middle of the bed so that it is exposed from the sides of the bed to give an attractive look.

Summing up

The king bed is 76 inches wide and 80 inches long, whereas the queen bed is 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. Following the thumb rule and other important points given, you can easily get the right rug for your room.

Check from the walls how much distance you want to keep to the edges of the rug. Take the dimensions of the swinging door into consideration. After that, you can check with other furniture items to cover along with the bed frame on the rug and accordingly decide.

Also, after selecting the right fit, the placement of the rug plays an important role in giving your room an aesthetic look. The rug will only look good if it is placed correctly.

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