Rustic Rugs: Are They Good For Home Decoration?

Not everyone is a fan of bright colors and funky patterns. Sometimes, a chic and rustic décor is what your place might need. It is perfect for people who love more natural elements in their interior. Whether your space is modern or more coastal, it works extremely well in bringing life back to your blank space.

Also, these vintage and antique pieces are always in trend and can easily be found in many antique shops and flea markets. They add more depth and sophistication to the space and make it look more elegant. They have a rugged and worn feel, and the colors are soft and muted. The use of wood and metal can most commonly be seen in these types of décor pieces.

So if you wish to accessorize your house to make it look chic and earthy, you can consider investing in some rustic items. A Rustic rug can be a great way to do that. These are available in many different color options and patterns and add nice texture and warmth. They also help tie up the look of the whole place and make it more balanced. If you are considering purchasing and want to know if they are good, here is all you need to know.

Creates A Cozy Space

A cozy home is what everyone desires, and your décor also plays a big role in it. Because rustic rugs have that worn feeling, they make the place appear homier. The colors used in them are very muted, like brown and beige, and the designs are also not very out there. They feel more comforting and relaxing. That is why many people place these in their living rooms so guests can feel welcomed.

More than the design, attention is paid to the texture and feel of the rugs. It doesn’t matter whether you have a cottage or a modern house. These are the way to go if you want something casual yet chic. You can even purchase a handmade one for a more personal feel.

Muted Colors and Simple Prints

One of the main features of these rugs is that bright colors are not usually used. Emphasis is made on more neutral and muted colors. White, brown, beige, and black are the most commonly used. These go with most types of furniture and add some detail without being too much. Emphasis is made on a simple and contemporary feel that is more relaxing than exciting. You will rarely see bright pink or neon-colored ones in the market.

As for the design, they are just as simple. The emphasis is generally made on the type of material being used. You will mostly see plaid prints or stripes on these types of rugs. The overall look is very clean yet sophisticated and doesn’t clash with other décor or furniture in the room. Here are some of the commonly used prints and designs:

  • Plaid: This is a very popular print that can be seen in many contemporary and vintage rugs. It has multiple criss-cross stripes all over. The base color is usually quite muted and neutral, but it still has some dimension and does not look too bland.
  • Tribal Prints: Tribal rugs have amassed a lot of popularity in the west as their colors and prints add the perfect rustic look. These can come anywhere from Central Asia to Morocco. The designs are usually of traditional artwork and also animal prints. In most places, natural colors are also used.
  • Solids: Solids are classics. In these, the rug’s texture plays a bigger role than the print and color. If you want something simple that still adds to the look of the space, then this is perfect.
  • Flower Prints: These rugs are perfect if you love Bohemian and country aesthetics. They can be either abstract or even contemporary. Floral prints done well on a neutral color rug can easily enhance the look of any bland room and make it more complex.

Pairs Best With Wooden Flooring And Furniture

The best thing about rustic rugs is that they go extremely well with wooden flooring, furniture, décor, etc. When people think about vintage aesthetics, wooden and metal designs come to mind. Spending a hefty sum buying antique items with little functionality is not important. So if you want your place to have an artistic and classy appeal, you should use vintage wooden furniture and add some rustic rugs. You can place these on empty floors to add warmth and color or display them on blank walls as artwork.

Use Of Natural Fibre

These rugs are usually made from natural materials to maintain an organic look and feel. They help add some amount of texture, and the muted look will make you feel at home. Here are a few widely used fabrics:


This natural fiber is very commonly used in rugs and is a budget-friendly option for people who want to decorate their space. Its rugs can be very easily cleaned and are also long-lasting. Their natural color is quite neutral yet looks chic. They look attractive over wooden flooring, and you can also place furniture on top.


Wool is another natural fiber, but unlike jute, it comes from an animal source. It is very popular in rug making and has a premium look to it. It is used in making many Oriental and Persian rugs that are perfect for a contemporary aesthetic. They are very warm and keep the place cozy, especially during winter. Handknotted and Handloom are two of their common varieties.


It is an animal-derived material and is quite expensive. But it’s extremely comfortable and radiates a mid-century and rustic ambiance. It is perfect if you have sensitive skin and don’t like the feel of rough fabric. The fluffy texture gives it a modern character but still looks elegant and classy.

Vintage Feel

Getting a rustic rug can instantly add that touch if you are all about the vintage aesthetic. The faded wash and slightly distressed material perfectly contrast a contemporary home. It makes the place more casual and brings life to it. Modern homes tend you use plain colors and minimalistic décor, so this type of rug will add the perfect amount of pop and texture without clashing with the rest of the interior.


One thing about these antique items is that they can cost a lot of money. The older and the more significance they have, the higher the price. So if you are willing to spend that amount, you can buy vintage rugs that are nicely handcrafted and hold deep tradition. But there are many alternatives as well that can be well within your budget. These are deliberately made to give that rustic and tattered feel.

You don’t necessarily have to buy these types of rugs to decorate your space. Picking the right colors and patterns can also give the same effect without breaking the bank. They are also very easily accessible and come in a huge variety to fit all your requirements.


If you were wondering whether rustic rugs make for good home decoration, then Yes, they do. They are a perfect way to amplify any minimal or boring space without doing too much. You can find them in various prints, fabrics, colors, etc., and they can be placed in any area of your house where you need some dimension. They also go very well with wooden décor and present-day homes.

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