Terracotta Rug and Home Decoration Guide

The term “terracotta” refers to earthy ceramic products that resemble clay and has been frequently used to make sculpture, bricks, pots, and more. The word has an Italian origin, meaning “baked earth.”  Additionally, terracotta represents colors like earthy browns, burnt oranges, and reddish hues. Due to the adaptability of this material, terracotta carpets allow you to produce a warm and inviting atmosphere with a unique design.

Choosing the perfect rug for your home

When choosing the perfect rug, a variety of factors need to be looked at, such as the various types of terracotta rugs available to you. Each type of rug can bring something new to the table and complement a different element of the household. This is why you should thoroughly evaluate all the different kinds of terracotta rugs to find the rug that best suits your home. These have been listed below:

  • Traditional: These rugs can add an element of history to your rugs. They usually have striking oriental designs that are elegant and eye-catching due to their rich orangish colors.
  • Vintage: These rugs combine traditional patterns and prints, which are bold and inspired by various artistic styles and colors of the past. With these rugs, you can obtain a refined and sophisticated appearance.
  • Persian: In Persian rugs, subtle distressing can usually be noticed along with Persian designs and textiles combined with the earthy tones of terracotta.
  • Abstract: These types of rugs usually incorporate geometric shapes and bold patterns that provide an abstract yet stylish look that can complement the modern designs of a household.
  • Modern: Modern rugs have more solid terracotta hues that add a pop of color, are vivid, and can be complemented by the light shades of furniture and decor in your household.
  • Outdoor: Solid color rugs are usually perfect for outdoor settings as they help bring elements of the garden and furniture together. These rugs also come in natural patterns and are made to resist fading due to the sunlight, and are more suitable for high-traffic areas.
  • Floral: Floral rugs usually incorporate botanical designs along with cream and ivory colors that help create a charming and inviting space.

Why terracotta rugs over every other type of rug?

In recent years there has been a rise in demand for terracotta rugs and products of the color itself. These carpets also go well with various interior designs, such as minimalist and boho ones. A plus point is that that can bring a feeling of warmth to your house and pair well with all-white designs.

With terracotta, you can either take a bold approach and use terracotta-colored walls and other décor elements in your home. Or, if you’re looking to go for a more refined and elegant look, terracotta rugs can help create this kind of atmosphere. Furthermore, complementary colors of the earthy tones of terra cotta are mild hues of cream, white, red, pink, and mustard. The color also works well with earthy browns, greens, and unique textures.

Terracotta colored rugs are also advantageous for a variety of reasons. First of all, because of their earthy tones, they can bring a touch of refinement and elegance to any space, brightening it and giving the impression that it is inviting. They can aid in protecting your flooring from sand, dust, and other foreign objects. Additionally, terracotta-colored carpets might help in lowering the noise level in your house.

Due to their durability and capacity to endure a lot of wear and tear, terracotta carpets are also ideal for high-traffic areas. You won’t even have to worry about these rugs being permanently soiled because cleaning them is an easy task.

Factors to consider before buying a terracotta rug

There are a few critical aspects to consider while looking for the ideal terracotta rug. First, before deciding what terracotta rug to buy, you must consider the general layout of your area and decide on the intended style. Lighter carpets can help brighten up a room and make it feel more open, while darker rugs will help bring a room with high ceilings or huge windows together and give it a comforting atmosphere.

When choosing a rug material, it’s essential to think about how easy it will be to clean, especially because certain fabrics are more stain-resistant than others. Wool, for example, is a tough material that works well in high-traffic areas, while silk rugs provide a touch of luxury.

Size is also a significant factor that you must consider when selecting a terracotta rug. To avoid the rug seeming out of place, it’s crucial to get one proportionate to the other pieces of furniture in the space. Some rooms may also call for an area rug, while other rooms could be a better fit with smaller rugs. If you’re unclear about what size of rug you require, measure your room before looking at a placement guide to establish what size rug will work best in your house.

How can terracotta rugs help complete the look of your home?

Employing terracotta area rugs throughout your household can help you get a more integrated layout and achieve a more balanced and aesthetic look. These placement ideas can help get you started in finding appealing ways to bring your home together with terracotta rugs.

  • Kitchen: To add cozy earth tones to the center of your house, you can place a terracotta rug runner in the kitchen. Searching for a thinner rug option would be beneficial to avoid stumbling in the kitchen. An alternative choice could be to place more than two terracotta rugs in the area to either separate sections of the kitchen or layer them on top of each other to provide a more homely ambiance.
  • Living Room: Terracotta area rugs work well in the living room, making it an inviting and comforting environment to spend time in. More abstract terracotta rugs can be fitted in the living rooms, as they can draw the attention of guests and add intrigue to the room. Modern décor using the same color scheme as terracotta might also enhance the abstract patterns on the rug. Alternatively, you might choose a more traditionally styled terracotta rug to highlight historical details that will also heighten the interest in your room.
  • Bedroom: Since it is vital that bedrooms have a warm color scheme to enhance their coziness and comfort, a circular terracotta rug can also be a popular option. Depending on your tastes, you could either lay terracotta runners down either side of the bed or set your mattress on top of a big rectangular terracotta rug. A rug under the bed might also help make the whole room look more spacious.

Home décor to complement your terracotta rug

Placing various side pieces of art and decor can also help complement your terracotta rug by adding other elements that can match the earthy hues of terracotta as well as allow it to stand out in a minimalistic-looking room. Some of these decor items include:

  • Terracotta plant pot: Terracotta pots are at the heart of terracotta products, and therefore they are an absolute necessity to help complete your home with more earthy tones with plants that can provide your home with a fresh and inviting look.
  • Wall art: Wall art can really make the color of terracotta pop and attract eyes from all around the house due to its abstract nature.
  • Terracotta bedspread: A bedspread can help complement a terracotta rug in the bedroom and can add more warmth with its earthy colors.

Warm and inviting colors like orange and terracotta are frequently used in traditional and modern rug designs. In the case of terracotta rugs, you can easily discover a variety of simple, classic, or modern patterned rugs that are available in various materials and textures to make an ideal floor accessory. Whether you decide that a bold orange works best or that an earthy brown or an elegant rust shade is more appropriate is up to you. This guide is a step toward helping you find the ideal terracotta rug option to match your home decor and furniture.

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