Color Block Rug- Unique Choice Compared To Traditional Area Rugs?

Traditional rugs are undoubtedly some of the most popular rug options in the market. They look very premium and go with almost everything. However, they might not be everyone’s choice as the design is becoming more common day by day, and the aesthetic is not the most fun and lively. On the other hand, colorful décor and fun patterns are slowly coming back into trend, and an excellent way to incorporate them into your home is by getting a rug with color blocking.

Furthermore, since these rugs consist of multiple colors instead of just one, as in the case of solid rugs, they will go with various types of décors and furniture. You can also make your own color palette according to what fits your place best. So, if you are someone who is not much into the rustic aesthetic of classic traditional rugs but like something different and exciting, then color block rugs are something you should consider.

Contemporary Feel

Unlike the traditional design of rugs with more cultural and historical aspects, the color-blocking ones are relatively modern and contemporary. That’s why they go very well with the current style of simple yet chic homes. They also perfectly complement the 70s aesthetic, as colorful décor was all the rage back then. The former can be a good choice if you want to add a traditional feel to your house, but if you prefer something more modish and cool, these rugs are the most ideal.

They give off this contemporary feeling because using colorful pieces to décorate rather plain homes is all the rage right now. They help bring the right amount of pop to the space without being too much. Most modern homes are usually white with some woodwork here and there. As one can see on social media, most 21st-century house designs have a colorful element used as an accent. A colorful rug would contrast the minimalist look of the house very well and make it look less bland.

Fun Patterns

One of the significant features of rugs with color blocking and something that makes them stand out from anything else is the fun and unique patterns. Here, different types of colors are placed in all kinds of shapes and styles. Some standard designs you will notice in these rugs are classic stripes and abstract patterns. Block and circle ones are also quite popular.

Not just that, but there are hundreds of other options in the market as well. Furthermore, you can always get a personalized design if you want something specific. The various colors molded into different shapes look stunning and instantly add more dimension. So, from some over-the-top prints to simple ones, you will find something for every type of person.

Also, there is no doubt that traditional designs do look very elegant. But unlike color blocking, they don’t have as much variety of colors in just one rug that can make the pattern stand out as much as they do here. So, if you are a fan of fun and distinctive prints that instantly catch people’s attention, these rugs offer precisely that.

Goes Perfectly With The Retro Theme

The retro theme is all about the past and iconic trends of those times. The styles from the 70s and 80s are gaining immense popularity. And other than fashion, people are also taking inspiration from home décor and interior design from those years.

Unlike the current designs of houses that are minimal and modern, the ones back in the day had more colors and patterns. The wooden interior was also very prevalent, even more than it is now. As stated before, rugs with color blocking complement today’s houses quite well, bringing a nice splash of color. But, since retro-themed homes are more vibrant, these would also go exceptionally nicely with them as well.

So, if you want to decorate your house in a retro way, these rugs would make for the perfect addition. It would look even better if you get one in an orange or green color palette because these earthy tones are the most dominant in this theme. Here, you can even experiment with other bold colors.

Not Always Bold And Vibrant

One misconception about these rugs is that they are very bold and out there. That is not 100% correct because they come in so many different patterns and color options. Of course, the vibrant ones are more well-known as they are in high demand. But some are also made with more muted and neutral colors like black and grey. So, it doesn’t always mean that every color block rug will be flashy. They can look classy as well.

Playing With Different Colors

One of the major benefits of these rugs is that you can play with your endless color choices. Instead of getting one with three or four colors, you can have multiple tones in a single rug. If you don’t want something like that, you can also get one with varying shades of a particular color. For instance, if your house has a pastel theme, you can pick something that has all kinds of pastel shades. Or, if you want something more neutral, you can get one that follows that color scheme.

Also, another exciting thing about these rugs is that they can help create an illusion and make your space appear somewhat bigger, especially if you get the one with lines. It’s because some colors, like grey, white, blue, etc., can make their surrounding look larger than it is. Hence, getting a rug where color blocking is done using these shades can be a good decision if you live in a smaller apartment.

Suitable For Every Space

One thing people can notice about traditional design rugs is that they are best suited for areas like your living room or hallway. It’s because these are the places you would want to look chic and elegant as you will entertain most of your guests here. Another reason is that their price can go pretty high, and using them in other areas like your bedroom or kids’ playroom won’t be as practical. Color-blocking ones, however, are much more versatile because they can be simple as well as funky. So you can easily keep them in any corner of your house.


If you were wondering if these rugs are a unique option compared to a traditional one, they are. Not only are they a mix of different colors, but these colors are also arranged in different patterns ranging from geometrical shapes to texts, making the rug even more appealing. The overall aesthetic of the two is very much different. One is classy and elegant, whereas the other is more fun. So, if you adorn your house with a color block rug, it will surely look very attractive and will be the first thing to catch your guests’ interest.

Also, what makes these rugs even more unique is that they are not something many have. People are slowly getting to know more about them, but their popularity is not yet at par with Persian or oriental rugs. Hence, these are perfect if you wish to stand out among the crowds and buy something that is not as common.

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