Coral Rugs – Where Can You Use Them?

In the era of neutrals, colors are some of the best ways to add personality and liveliness to your home. And one of the trendiest color people can go for has to be coral. This gorgeous bright color looks pretty upbeat and lively and is a beautiful blend of reds, pinks, and oranges. As one can probably guess from the name, the inspiration comes from coral reefs. Not only does it make for the perfect color of paint for your home, but adding coral décor and accessories will instantly brighten up your house and make it look fresh and comforting.

Getting a rug of this color can be a great choice if you enjoy using vibrant things in your house. But people often assume that it is on the feminine side since it contains some pink. The color, however, has hues of both pink and orange, making it a perfect unisex option that would be appreciated by most people regardless of gender. So, if you want a rug of this color but are confused about where to use it, this guide would help. Here are a few places where it would go well, along with some other necessary information.

Add A Pop To Your Living Room

Your living room is among the best places to display a vibrant rug. It is one of the primary areas of your house where you hang out with your friends and family and also the place that people would notice first when they enter your home. Hence, adding a nice pop of color to your living room space will make it appear so much more inviting and happening.

Also, usually, people tend to keep their living room simple and use décor items and furniture to amplify its aesthetic. The paint is generally done using softer colors like white or grey to make it look modern and classy. A bright rug goes exceptionally well with such spaces because it does not clash with neutral colors. But if yours is more on the vibrant side, make sure the colors there complement the coral tone of the rug.

Also, since it is a warm shade, other warm shades would go best with it. For instance, if you keep this rug as a centerpiece and want to buy additional décor for your living room accordingly, then go for colors like navy or green, as they pair with coral very well. Those décor items can be your furniture, curtains, cushions, bedsheets, etc.

Works Well As A Patio or Porch Rug

People usually consider indoor spaces when it comes to rugs but often forget about the outdoor areas of the house, like the patio and porch. But these spaces are equally crucial and can tie the entire look of your home together. Also, since these areas are somewhat plain and blank compared to the inside, you can be creative with them and add fun elements to decorate them. One great way of doing so is by adding a rug. They instantly cover most of the space and make it more lively yet cozy.

And since it is for an outside area, the coral color would also go pretty well. It complements the greenery of nature and blends perfectly with the environment. You can use just this or add other items like outside furniture to make the space more cozy and relaxing. But you can’t put a rug outside just because it is coral. You would have to ensure that the material used in it is fit to be used outdoors. Polypropylene or sisal can be some of the good options.

Place Under Furniture

Just because coral is such a bright color, it is not necessary to only keep a coral rug individually as a statement décor piece in the house. Another great way of using it is by placing it under furniture, like your dining or center table. People often use more muted or darker colors here, but if done the right way, this can also look very beautiful. It would work even better if the furnishings are more plain and simple because the vivid color would make them pop.

Furthermore, if they are in black or any other shade that pairs well with coral, placing this rug under them would enhance their look more. So, not only will it do the basic job of protecting the floors of your house from potential scratches, but the color will make the furniture stand out. It will make a simple piece of furniture more premium and fancy.

But before purchasing it, you have to make sure that the size is big enough to fit underneath whatever you are placing it. Also, the room you are keeping it in should have tones that don’t clash with the coral, or else it will look more messy than aesthetic.

Keep It In Your Kids’ Room

Your kids’ room is probably the best place to use different colors, especially if you don’t like using them in other main areas of the house. A colorful space looks very fun and playful and helps keep the children calm and positive. It is also great for their development as it will assist with their creativity. A bland room with simple colors would not be the best for kids as it will not make them curious and imaginative. That’s why most children’s products are bright and colorful.

Also, if you don’t want to use common shades like pinks and yellows, then coral would be the perfect in-between. It is very vibrant and exudes enthusiasm and positivity. You can even go all out here and add other colorful accessories to the room, and it won’t look tacky. That’s because kids’ spaces are usually more out there and playful than those of adults. But if that’s not something you like, you can just use this rug to add something lively to the space and keep the rest of the décor more pastel and neutral.

Don’t Use In High Traffic Areas

One thing people must remember before getting a coral-colored rug is that it should not be kept in areas that experience high traffic. Even though coral is bold, it is still a color in which dirt is easily visible. If you keep it in places where people walk often or clean their feet after coming from the outside, like the mudroom or the stairs, its look will get ruined in no time. It would be best to keep this only in those areas of the house where the chances of it getting dirty are much less.


The ones mentioned above are a few of the best and most popular ways one can use a coral color rug in their home. But that does not mean that the options are limited to these. You can use them anywhere, depending on whether they complement that area well or not. For instance, if any of the rooms in your place has a neutral theme, you can display this rug there, and it will become more cheerful. You can also place it in more colorful and vibrant rooms, but doing it the right way can be somewhat of a challenge.

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