High Traffic Carpet – Points To Remember

Carpets or rugs are not limited to a particular area but can be adorned in any corner of your house, be it your living room or hallway. The difference is about the type of carpet used and whether it suits that place well. Each area has varying usage and requires different materials, durability, etc. One significant factor in deciding on a carpet for a particular area is the traffic or how many people walk over it.

High-traffic areas like the stairs or door front require more than just cool designs and aesthetics. Here, performance can be prioritized more than looks, but the carpet should still be comfortable for regular walking. However, finding something that does the job well can be a challenge because there is so much to pick from. So, if you are planning on purchasing a carpet for high-traffic spaces, here are a few things you must remember so that it’s easier to find the right one.


As one can understand from the name, high-traffic areas go through a lot of walking. Hence, the usage of carpets in such locations is significantly higher than in places like the bedroom or dining room. Naturally, when people walk, jump, or clean their feet on it, it is bound to get worn out much faster. The fibers can become loose because of friction and rubbing. It can also get holes or tears, or the edges might start getting frayed. The color also fades much more quickly, and the carpet can lose its original shape.

That’s why it is always suggested to invest in highly durable and strongly built carpets that don’t lose their initial texture or get rugged only after a bit of usage. The standard ones are designed more for artistic purposes and wouldn’t be able to handle intense use. Always purchase such carpets that are specially made for this purpose.

A good quality high-traffic carpet might cost slightly more, but rather spend a little more money than buy something that won’t last. This way, you will spend less time repairing or purchasing a new one every year. It would also be better for your pockets in the long run.

Require Little Maintainance

Another point to consider when buying a carpet for any high-traffic area is to see how much maintenance it requires. Cleaning is essential, but it should not be such that you must do a thorough wash regularly. Places with lots of foot traffic get dirty quickly, so washing the carpet after every short interval is not practical. It is not only time-consuming but also a hassle because it will naturally get messy afterward anyways.

Hence, the carpet should be made from material that does not accumulate much dust. It should also not absorb too much moisture because microorganisms will start developing. As stated before, it must be durable enough so that there is no need for constant repairs. Overall, a good carpet for a high foot-traffic area should require minimal care and maintenance.

Opt For Darker Shades

Since these rugs get dirty quickly, getting them in light colors like white or beige can make them appear even messier. It is because any grime or stains will be more visible on a muted-colored surface. That’s why investing in a darker carpet would be a more intelligent choice because the deep color would mask the dirt. You can consider some popular darker shades like black, brown, royal blue, etc. These look classy and elegant and go with most themes.

Thickness And Texture

Thickness and texture are also necessary factors when looking for a high-traffic carpet. It should not be very thick because it will fall flat after some time from all the walking, and the original shape will be compromised. But, if it is too thin and flimsy, it won’t be durable enough and will get easily worn out. Similarly, it should not be too smooth or slippery. For instance, a silk rug is not ideal in areas with high foot traffic because there is a high chance of slipping. Also, it will not be able to stand rough usage.


No matter how durable the carpet is, It will naturally get some amount of wear after a while. It might even lose its softness from the constant walking or stomping. That’s why investing in an underlay can be a great choice. It goes under the actual carpet and acts like a layer of protection. It reduces shock from all the stepping and also prevents moisture from seeping in.

It does not just protect the carpet but also the floor underneath from getting scratched or damaged. A good quality underlay will significantly increase your carpet’s life and make it appear as good as new for a long time. Also, the extra layer will make it further comfortable to walk on and add more warmth.

Ideal Materials

Choosing a suitable material for your carpet is crucial because not everything will work in an area with a lot of walking. What’s important is that it should be robust but also easy to clean. Avoid anything that collects lots of dirt and is difficult to manage, for instance, Plush rugs or High pile rugs. These are a few of the best that you can consider purchasing:

  • Nylon: Because it is a synthetic fiber, Nylon is known for being extremely durable and long-lasting. It is easy to clean, and stains can be removed from its surface without difficulty. Since it is also affordable, it can be an excellent option for those who don’t wish to spend much money or have a smaller budget.
  • Jute: It is a well-known material used in rugs and is loved by people because of its sturdiness. It is also aesthetically pleasing and is perfect if you want something that looks good but can also stand rough usage. Like Nylon, it is also pretty affordable and can be a great natural option.
  • Cotton: This is another good fabric option for a high-traffic carpet because it is strong yet comfortable on the feet. It might not be as long-lasting as some synthetic fibers, but it is still pretty durable and does not require much maintenance.

Preferrable Carpet Styles

  • Low Pile: This is one of the ideal carpet styles for high-traffic areas. Here, loops are tightly woven, and the fibers are significantly lesser. These carpets do not accumulate much grime, and their plain surface makes them very easy to clean. They are also light on the pockets and come in various designs and colorways.
  • Loop Pile: In this style, the loops are woven firmly on the back side of the carpet. Due to this type of weaving, loop pile carpets are incredibly durable, and dirt is also not readily visible in them.


To sum up, when buying a carpet for high-traffic areas of your house, it is essential to research your options smartly. It would be best to look for fabrics and materials that are closely knitted so that dirt doesn’t get trapped deep inside, making it hard to remove. Usually, synthetic fibers are considered the best because they are durable and can be cleaned without much effort. But certain natural fibers like cotton and wool are suitable as well. Also, it’s suggested to read all the reviews of your available choices to check whether their performance is good.

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