Stairway Area Carpet & Runner Cleaning Tips

Carpets and rugs are some of the best décor items people can invest in. They add beauty and depth to the space and are also very practical. However, they can be somewhat inconvenient to clean and may take quite a lot of time and effort. It is especially the case in carpets placed in high-traffic areas like stairways. People go up and down the stairs, and the constant foot traffic naturally makes the rug dirty.

Whether one has a regular carpet or a carpet runner, cleaning them the right way is crucial. A dirty one looks gross and can also have harmful health effects. So, if you are looking for effective ways to wash and maintain your stairway carpet, this guide is perfect. It mentions a few of the best cleaning tips that will help keep your rug tidy and last much longer.

Regular Vacuuming

With everyday use, carpets or runners placed over the stairs can naturally accumulate dirt and dust. It mainly happens because people go up and down quite often in this area. It may also be due to other factors like dust from the wind, pet fur, etc. But for regular cleaning, people don’t have to get it professionally washed. Simply vacuuming once a week is enough.

Your carpets can get dirty even faster if you live somewhere where the wind carries in a lot of dust. In this case, you can even vacuum daily to avoid excess grime from building up, which can be a hassle to clean later. As for the type of vacuum, anything from handheld to upright ones will work.

And, because of how easy vacuuming is, it can be considered one of the best methods to clean stairway carpets. The entire process does not take much time and is also effective. But, if the carpet has stains, simply vacuuming won’t do the job, and other cleaning methods would have to be used.

Immediate cleaning of Stains

Unlike simple dust and grime that naturally gets collected in the carpet, stains are much harder to remove. These don’t go away by simply vacuuming but need more advanced treatment. That is why it is crucial to clean your carpet immediately if anything falls or spills on it that can leave its color. But, if some time has passed and the stains are not coming off by wiping, one will have to use more intense cleaning methods.


Other than vacuuming and regular dusting, rugs and carpets should be washed every few months to remove the dirt more deeply. One can do this by either machine washing or hand washing. Machine washing is effective if the stains and grime are easily removable and don’t need much scrubbing. But, many stairway carpets are attached to the stairs, so machine washing isn’t possible. Also, hand washing will be more effective if you want a thorough cleaning. Here are the steps on how to properly wash your carpets:

  • Dust: The first step in hand washing or cleaning a carpet is dusting the extra dirt. For this, you can use a duster or a vacuum. Doing so will make the cleaning process more manageable because there will be less loose dirt, and one will be able to focus more on washing.
  • Scrub: After dusting your carpet, use a scrubber to remove the stains. Take a cleaning detergent or shampoo, mix it well with a bit of water, and start rubbing. Do this until the dirt comes off, and then clean the surface with water.
  • Dry: Once the scrubbing is done, let the carpet dry. Depending on the carpet’s material and thickness, it can take some time. Use a wet/dry vacuum cleaner to help speed up the process. It helps remove any extra water or moisture. A regular vacuum cleaner is not recommended because it is not meant for this and would get damaged. But if you don’t have a wet/dry vacuum cleaner, let the carpet air dry.

Using A Steam Cleaner

A steam cleaner can be a great choice if you want a much more thorough cleaning than your regular vacuum. As the name suggests, it uses steam to clean and sanitizes the surface. So, it not only gets rid of all the gunk but also kills the germs that might be living on the carpet. Its functioning is also pretty simple. Water is poured into the boiler in the cleaner, and the steam that comes from it is used after it gets pressurized.

One main benefit of a steam cleaner is that the surface dries much more quickly than when you wash it. It happens because of the heat. It is also an excellent choice for people who don’t have much time to clean their carpets by hand. The process is less intense and doesn’t require a lot of effort.

Deep Cleaning Every Year

Vacuuming or occasional washing is not enough. It is suitable for the short term because it helps remove dirt to an extent but does not thoroughly clean the carpet. That’s why it is essential to get your stairway carpets professionally cleaned once a year, every year. Professionals have a lot of experience and the right tools and equipment, so the process is far more effective.

Getting this done by experts helps remove regular dirt and stains and also kills all the bacteria and mites that might be living inside the carpet. Doing this is especially important if you live with kids because they can easily fall ill.

Also, not everyone has the skills or time to clean their carpets properly. The process is very time-consuming and takes up much of your energy. Even if one does the cleaning, the results will not be as great. Professionals take less time, and your carpet will be completely tidy.

Combine Different Techniques

Remember that cleaning techniques work great independently, but people can also use them combined. Doing this is a great way to remove any possible dirt or grime that might be in there and do a deep and thorough cleaning in one go. But this is not suitable when getting your carpet washed through professionals because they follow all the necessary steps and give back a squeaky clean carpet. You don’t have to vacuum or wash it before handing it to them.

So instead, you can combine the different techniques, like using a regular vacuum before using a steam cleaner. The standard vacuum will suck up any loose grime, and the steam cleaner will remove the dirt deep inside. Or, you can dust the carpet first and then do a deep cleaning. The results will be much more effective, and you won’t have to rewash it anytime soon.


Cleaning heavy things like carpets may seem like too much of a task, but that is not all that right. One doesn’t need to do anything more than simple vacuuming on a regular basis. Deep cleaning is required yearly, but professionals can also do that if you don’t feel like doing it yourself. But, more than cleaning, it is crucial to take good care of your stairway carpet, or else it will require more and more of your effort and time.

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